Your mission, should you decide to accept it, begins here.

As an actor, there is no such thing as a "tier jump".  Unless you're at a Foo Fighters concert
and you're trying to skank your way from the mezzanine to the main floor.

That's a tier jump.

Your career is an evolution.

Live, learn, and don't pay for unqualified
advice from those who pretend to know...but don't.

There are thousands of "teachers" in Hollywood. 
Do your research and choose wisely, grasshopper.


So let us begin.

Go here.

Then go here.

And then go here.

And here.

Then follow this guy.

Also, you can read my book -
AN ACTOR GROVELS - by going here.


And if you have any questions, need expert advice or counsel,
email me at  And it will never cost you a penny.

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