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MAKING A KILLING (2019)   Director: Devin Hume  w/Christopher Lloyd, Mike Starr, Michael Jai White

FAITH, HOPE & LOVE  (2019) Director: Robert Krantz  w/Peta Murgatroyd, Corbin Bernsen, Ed Asner, Michael Richards, M. Emmet Walsh

PALAU (2019)  Director: Kevin Knoblock  w/Gaston Pauls, Dan Roebuck, Scott Reeves

AN ACCIDENTAL ZOMBIE (NAMED TED)   Director: Anne Welles  w/Naomi Grossman, Kane Hodder

I'M OK  Director:  Ron Hanks  w/Alex Frnka, Kevin E. West

LUCKY'S TREASURE   Director: Shane Hawks   w/Michael Ironside

THE TERROR OF ALL HALLOW'S EVE    Director: Todd Tucker  w/Sarah Lancaster

ROAD TO THE WELL   Director: Jon Cvack  w/Laurence Fuller, Marshall Teague

THE CASE FOR CHRIST   Director: Jon Gunn  w/Erica Christensen, Mike Vogel, Faye Dunaway

GOD'S NOT DEAD 2   Director: Harold Cronk w/Jesse Metcalfe, Melissa Joan Hart, Ray Wise, Delroy Lindo

BOONE THE BOUNTY HUNTER Director: Robert Kirbyson w/John Hennigan, Kevin Sorbo, Jonathan Lipnicki, Dominique Swain

I'M OK  Director: Ron Hanks  w/Kevin E. West, Alex Frnka

DO YOU BELIEVE? Director: Jon Gunn w/Mira Sorvino, Sean Astin, Alexa PenaVega, Cybill Shepherd

REDEEMED Director: David A.R. White w/Ted McGinley, Ana Ayora

GOD'S NOT DEAD  Director: Harold Cronk w/Shane Harper, Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo, Willie Robertson

ROAD TO THE WELL  Director: Jonathan Cvack  w/ Laurence Fuller, Marshall Teague

THE BLACK RIDER: REVELATION ROAD (cast all three in the series) Director: Gabriel Sabloff w/James Denton, Brian Bosworth, Kevin Sorbo

BROTHER WHITE  Director: Brian Herzlinger w/ Jackée, Reginald VelJohnson, Bebe Winans, Bruce Davison

MICKEY MATSON AND THE COPPERHEAD CONSPIRACY  (also cast sequel) Director: Harold Cronk  w/Christopher Lloyd, Ernie Hudson

THE ENCOUNTER 2  Director:  Bobby Smyth  w/David AR White, Gary Daniels

RELENTLESS JUSTICE  Director: David Prior  w/Eric Roberts, Vernon Wells, Leilani Sarelle

MEANT TO BE  Director: Bradley Dorsey  w/Della Reese, Dean cain, Erika Eleniak

BURNED  (BET Lens on Talent)  Director: Phyllis Toben Bancroft   w/Eric Roberts

APOSTLE PETER AND THE LAST SUPPER  Director: Gabriel Sabloff  w/Robert Loggia

INSIGHT  Director: Richard Gabai  w/Sean Patrick Flanery, Adam Baldwin, Natalie Zea, Christopher Lloyd

ME AGAIN   Director: David AR White  w/Della Reese, Ali Landry, Bruce McGill

NIGHT CLAWS  Director: David A. Prior   w/Reb Brown

THE BLACK DOVE  Director: Michael Caporale  w/Sean Young, John Savage

ESCAPE   Director: Paul Emami  w/John Rhys-Davies, C. Thomas Howell

THE MARK  Director: James Chankin  w/Eric Roberts, Craig Sheffer

JERUSALEM COUNTDOWN   Director:  Harold Cronk  w/Lee Majors. Randy Travis

MARRIAGE RETREAT  Director: David DeVos  w/Jeff Fahey, Victoria Jackson

THE ENCOUNTER  Director: David AR White

JOHNNY  Director:  D. David Moran

THE ONE WARRIOR  Director: Tom Stout  w/James Russo, Dominic Keating


CHRISTMAS WITH A CAPITAL C  Director: Helmut Schleppi   w/Danny Baldwin, Ted McGinley

WHAT IF...  Director: Dallas Jenkins  w/Kristy Swanson, Kevin Sorbo, John Ratzenberger

SARAH'S CHOICE  Director:  Chad Kapper

DOC WEST  Director:  Giulio Base

CALL OF THE WILD 3D  Director: Richard Gabai

IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE  Director: Michael Sinclair

MATCHMAKER MARY  Director: Tom Whitus

HOLYMAN UNDERCOVER  PureFlix; Director: David AR White

SHADOWHEART  Desert Moon Pictures; Director: Dean Alioto

TOUCHING HOME  Winston Films; Director(s): Logan and Noah Miller

THE WAGER  Eagle Rock One;  Director: Judson Morgan w/ Randy Travis

HIDDEN SECRETS  Eagle Rock One; Director: Carey Scott   w/John Schneider, Corin Nemec

CUT OFF  Vine Entertainment;  Director: Gino Cabanas  w/Faye Dunaway, Malcolm McDowell

MIRACLE  AT SAGE CREEK  Talmark Films; Director: James Intveld  w/David Carradine

MADE IN ITALY (U.S. Casting) GBP; Director: Giulio Base

RAIDERS OF THE DAMNED  American World Pictures;  Director: Milko Davis

I, ROBOT  20th Century-Fox;  Director: Alex Proyas (casting consultant)

  3 Bean Productions; Director: Jesse Bean 

THE FUNK PARLOR  Funky Films;  Director: Gwen O'Donnell

IF TOMORROW COMES  Fatty Pictures;  Director: Gerrit Steenhagen

THE LONG ROAD HOME  Majestic Entertainment;  Director: Craig Clyde

THE LAST BLUE DAY Durango Productions; Director: Helene Udy

THE WEST (California casting); GBP  Director: Giulio Base

KILLER FLICK Smile House Productions;  Director: Mark Weidman

REFLECTIONS IN THE DARK   Concorde;  Director: Jon Purdy  (also Assoc. Prod.)  w/Mimi Rogers, Billy Zane
WINNER - Best Screenplay: Jon Purdy; 1995 AVIGNON FILM FESTIVAL, Avignon, France

SACRED CARGO  Go Pictures;  Director: Alexander Buravsky  w/Martin Sheen, Chris Penn, JT Walsh

STREET CORNER JUSTICE  Steel City Films; Director: Chuck Bail

HEAVEN SENT  Majestic Entertainment; Director: Craig Clyde

LIES TO LIVE BY: BABYLON  Brooklyn Films;  Director: Guido Chiesa

COLORS  Orion (casting associate);  Director: Dennis Hopper

CHOPPER CHICKS IN ZOMBIE TOWN  Troma;  Director: Dan Hoskins

ABOVE THE LAW  Warner Brothers; Director: Andrew Davis

BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR  Wild Street Pictures; Director: Brian Yuzna

MIRACLE MILE  Hemdale; Director: Steve DeJarnatt

MEDIUM RARE  Limelight; Director: Paul Madden

WALKING THUNDER  Majestic Entertainment; Director: Craig Clyde

FELONY  Southern Star Studios; Director: David Prior

FIREHEAD  Pyramid Pictures; Director: Peter Yuval

WIND DANCER  Majestic Entertainment; Director: Craig Clyde

MARDI GRAS FOR THE DEVIL  West Side Pictures;  Director: David Prior
WINNER: Best Fantasy/Horror Film; 1993 HOUSTON INT'L FILM FESTIVAL

THE TOY MAKER  Live Home Video; Director: Martin Kitrosser  w/Mickey Rooney

ENERGY!  Fomarfilms (w/ Dr. Timothy Leary);  Director: Andreas Marfori (also co-sceenplay)

LEGEND OF WOLF MOUNTAIN  Hemdale Home Video; Director: Craig Clyde

CENTER OF THE WEB  AIP Studios; Director: David Prior

DESPERATE CRIMES  Fomarfilms;  Director: Andreas Marfori (also co-screenplay)

MUTANT SPECIES  Live Home Video; Director: David Prior

DOLLY DEAREST  Image Organization; Director: Maria Lease

PROJECT ELIMINATOR  Victory Pictures; Director: H. Kaye Dyal

NIGHTWISH  Wild Street Pictures; Director: Bruce Cook

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON  Wild Street Pictures; Director: D.J. Webster  w/Joe Terkel

FEAR  Cinetel; Director: Robert Ferretti

BROTHERS IN ARMS  Via Mia Productions;  Director: George Bloom III

PRIMAL RAGE  Lorimar; Director: Vittorio Rambaldi

NIGHTMARE BEACH  Lorimar; Director: Harry Kirkpatrick

PERFECT VICTIMS  Saban; Director: Shuki Levy


HILTON HEAD ISLAND  (2 seasons) Pure Flix Entertainment

THE ENCOUNTER, The Series (12 episodes)  Pure Flix Entertainment

AMERICA'S MOST WANTED    FOX Television - over 150 episodes over 20 seasons from 1988-2012

IN AN INSTANT  ABC Television - 2015-2018

    Additional Casting:

THE CROW  Ed Pressman Productions; Director: Alex Proyas

SOCIETY  Wild Street Pictures; Director: Brian Yuzna

I, ROBOT  Director: Alex Proyas

    Casting Assistant:  1984-86; 20th Century-Fox, Orion, TriStar, Paramount

THE RUNNING MAN Director: Paul Michael Glazer
PREDATOR  Director: John McTiernan
COMMANDO  Director: Mark Lester
PROJECT X  Director: Jonathan Kaplan
BLUE CITY  Director: Michelle Manning
THE THREE AMIGOS Director: John Landis
FIRE WITH FIRE  Director: Duncan Gibbins
GOOD KING HARRY Director: Ken Kwapis

   Short Films:

Producer: AFI; Director: Phyllis Toben Bancroft

EFRAIN  Producer: USC; Director:  Matthew Breault

WEST TO EDEN  Produced and Directed by James Intveld

DYSTOPIA  Producer: Billy DaMota, Brandi Centeno;  Director: Brandi Centeno

THE PROS AND CONS OF BREATHING  Producer: AFI,  Bill Balas  Director: Seth Manheimer

NINA'S OTHER SHORE   Producer: AFI; Director: Teresa Medina

BLUE CAVIAR  Producer/Director:  Mikael Forsberg

RITES OF PASSAGE   Producer: Peter Coyote; Director: Corey Blechman

SALAMANDER    Producer: Melinda Jason; Director: Michele Ohayon

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