was founded in 2000. 

The site was created nearly two decades ago to inform and educate actors everywhere about the casting director

pay-to-play racket in Los Angeles, and help to put an end to the rampant greed and entitlement by many in the casting profession.

After three decades of abuse and exploitation by casting directors, in 2018, 18 casting professionals including

9 members of the  Casting Society of America were charged and prosecuted for charging a fee for an audition.

As a result, nearly every major workshop company in Hollywood facilitating the illegal scheme is now gone.

Every CSA member prosecuted and convicted in these recent cases is still a member of the organization, although their bylaws

explicitly require expulsion.  The CSA leadership  has ignored its ethical and professional responsibility in failing to discipline these casting directors. 

Hardworking casting directors, working on Oscar worthy motion pictures, will continue to struggle for true recognition by the industry - and the Academy -

until the Casting Society of America  recognizes its ethical lapses and makes the changes necessary to restore respect to the profession and craft of casting.  

These casting directors should be angry at the spineless ineptitude of the leadership of the CSA, and the manner in which the willful ignorance

of a handful of clerks has undermined and disparaged the image and reputation of the profession.