Gashouse Dave on himself
Nobody reads these things. They snipe them and reconstitute them for websites, post them as blogs, and before you know it you are translated in seven languages, and I am in the cybercafes, deleting spam. I was asked to post a new bio thumbnail for some gig promo. Here goes.
Fall of 2006, I came back to Los Angeles -from Paris, France. My publishing and record label made the crossover into iTunes, yTunes, CD Baby, IODAlliance,, MySpace and all that. My books made it into literary circles and I HEARD THINGS is in the downtown Reardon branch library. I have very little to say about the "music business" and am not bitter, as I was always considered to be somewhat of a footnote to all that. Now that TOWER and all CD hardcopy retail outlets, (*except Fry's Electronics) have gone belly up, wall of sound murder trial of the century is about to hit the fans of Alhambra> all I can say is; I love guitars. I do media. I engineer. I am hired out as a production manager for (Animated) film and live shows. Name dropping department? Ray Charles. Britney Spears. Mike Bloomfield. The Judds. Youngbloods, Blues Project, Big Joe Turner, Willie Dixon, Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs, Butterfield, Stevie Wonder, SAG film: Spiderman III, Diehard 4, Smokin' Aces. MTV-Jay Z. The links- go to I am still a featured artiste w/ Fender, booked as songwriter/bluesman w/ Dixiefrog, Google .Amazon. MySpace