David Randall Shorey
1947 - 2009

Antiquarian projectual/ backwards

Slipping. fretless. Intrinsics, a lively ticket-taker, over-the-phone-punch it in, orderform and the dreams don't come. Not like the way they used to. Driveway cardboard. They don't arrive altogether. The treads of incomplete sentences. This thing is bigger than me now. I can tell the difference between good and bad writing (finally)> laughs. A short fall from insomnia and blessed chemical, return to the ozone. My perpetration. get offa my chip. Hit me band. Fellas. What it is. HEY. In the moment of now, like ECKART TOLLE, Lady oprah's dog, and I am down with it? Gimme three. horns. Kiss myself.

The antiquity of the thing? Simple. ALL new Violet. The old, replaced en masse. It's broasted. Shane said something about it. Knowing when you're done. or sometimes the decision is made for you.

            -- Dave's Last MySpace Blog - Wednesday, January 07, 2009

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