Hello Actor Friends!

The City of Los Angeles has a new City Attorney, and his name is Mike Feuer. He has said on the record that he is committed to protecting the rights of consumers, and specifically the rights of actors in Los Angeles.
  This is great news for all performers who have been waiting for action!

But in order to get funding for investigations that will help put a stop to abuse and exploitation in the acting community, the new City Attorney needs to hear from you! I can't just send 100 emails to him; they must come from concerned actors like you.

So here's the favor I ask of you:

If you have paid for a casting director or agent/manager workshop ANYTIME in the past, ever, and you're sick and tired of the direction that the business has taken, and are frustrated that the only way for you to gain access to the hundreds of TV shows and films is to pay a casting assistant or associate anywhere from $25 - $75 (or that you are asked to pay as much as $399 for an agent/manager showcase for consideration for representatiom), then PLEASE write the new City Attorney a note.

It can be short and to the point, or you can elaborate. But whatever opinion you express, rest assured that your name, info, email info, etc. will NOT be used in any investigation.  If, however, you decide you'd LIKE to be a part of any investigations and publicly testify against those who you believe are taking advantage of the acting community, feel free to add that in your note. Otherwise, your info will not be shared.

Please address your letters as follows:

Mike Feuer
City Attorney of Los Angeles

and send it via his assistant, Karla Cortez at


We're close. With your help, we can make a difference. Thank you!

Billy DaMota CSA